Soundstream 2 inch Full Range Speaker - RX.4FR


Soundstream 2 inch Full Range Speaker - RX.4FR


                          - 2 inch full range speakers
                          - power to bring you live opera theatre play in your car
                          - With only 45Watts of power, no additional amplifier and no equalizers tuning required!
                          - Totally user-friendly, easy to install, and you don't even need to change the original sound system in your car!
                          - Just install a set of SOUNDSTREAM 2" Full Range Speakers, and feel the power and differences.
                          - Impedance: 2.8OHM
                          - Sensitivity: 90 + 2db
                          - Frequency: 300Hz ~ 16kHz\u00b13dba
                          - Peak Power: 80 Watts
                          - Cone Type: Titanium Dome
                          - Voice Coil Diameter: 25mm
                          - Magnet Weight: Neodymium


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